1st Place winner
Carlo Yuen, Hong Kong
City's Layers
2nd Place winner
Henricus Lüschen, Germany
Two-tier society
3rd Place winner
Ka Hei SO, Hong Kong
A sunset of the Pearl of the East
Kayla Wall
A Night Above Tokyo
Michael Smidotski
A success story, Capitalism.
Maciej Karpinski
Haim Blumenblat
Abandoned Slides
Wong Ka Lok
After the rain
Riccardo Zanin
Amsterdam Lights
Juan Carlos Ramiro Sanchez
Art on the Wall
Gyula Giulio Salusinszky
Andy Wong
City in White
Ron S. Levy
City Strife
Joe Lam Ka Ho
Clouds and skyscrapers
Don Kline
Color Blocks
Andy Wong
Engulfing City
Steven Gordon
Frozen City
Wong Ka Lok
Hong Kong in Blue Hour
Dominic Pleier
Just one
Henry Eicken
Holden Perpelitz
Look Out Below!
Carlo Yuen
Market at Night
Don Kline
Mitchell Anolik
MiroKlee Cafe
Darren Ng
Rise of a Nation
Joe Lam Ka Ho
Shine out of the clouds
Romain Curutchet
The Fishermen of Panama
Roberto Manfredi
Tokyo Speed
Garrigues valentin
Urban Stained Glass
Xavier Blondeau
Urban Wondering #01
Wong Ka Lok
Victoria Harbour
Judith Kuhn
view from Shangri-La
Carlo Yuen
Waffle Slab
Emilio Campanile