1st Place winner
Navailles Stephane, France
Back to 70s.
2nd Place winner
Richard Dweck, United States
Gutter Beauty
3rd Place winner
Yancho Sabev, Belgium
Anthony Kyle Francis
Another Night
Erberto Zani
Carnival's street parade in Quito, Ecuador
leo seidel
deep layers
Anthony Kyle Francis
e n d u r e
Hella Brandenburger
Everything here is so beautifully colorful - but unfortunately without fun
Antoine Buttafoghi
Richard Dweck
Stanley Olí Olivera
Quality Time
Robi Chakraborty
Sheltering from the monsoon
Dominika Karpińska Kopiec
Robi Chakraborty
The Merigold seller
Wei Fu
train station
Grzegorz Piaskowski
United state