1st Place winner
Carrie and Eric Tomberlin, United States
Locally-Produced Concrete Blocks to Reinforce Embankments, 4 minutes 27 seconds
2nd Place winner
Giacomo d'Orlando, Italy
The environment is in danger
3rd Place winner
Johnny Haglund, Norway
Russian Winter pollution
Carrie and Eric Tomberlin
Building Up The Embankment Along the Kholpetua River, 21 minutes 30 seconds
Stuart Chape
Fishing village
Amir lavon Amir lavon
It was my house
Stuart Chape
Oil palm plantation
Dario Pellegrino
Plant II (from the series Memorie del Mare)
stephane chery
Stephane Chery (L.Stery) -- Les Cabines -
manfred vogel
the countryside
Stuart Chape
The dump
RJ Lucas
The Sentinel
Alba Giertz
Then came darkness
Dawn Watson
Tidal Wave