1st Place winner
Alessandro Cantarelli, Italy
Lavaredo's Gloria
2nd Place winner
Marek Biegalski, Ireland
Shadow game
3rd Place winner
Paradise island
Maurizio Sartoretto
A trail of light
Louise Richards
Afternoon Light
Alessandro Cantarelli
Air Jordan
Peter Spurgeon
Beyond Limits
Lou Fischer
Bonnevile Salt Flats Sunset
Tessa Chan Chan
Devil's Lake
Alessandro Cantarelli
Dolomites Adventures
Francisco Negroni
El Chaltén
Midori Chan
Fields of Dreams
Elisabeth Jegel
fog and ice
Antoine Buttafoghi
Kalaallit Nunaat
Robert Lie
Morning View in Situ Patenggang
Luciano Demasi
Nature is an artist
Shin Woo Ryu
Johanna Hurter
Panoramic view of the winter Tromso in the snow
Polar colors
Alessandro Cantarelli
Francesco Fanti
Sahara milky way
Bart Dumont
Silent night above the clouds.
katti borre
slide away
Stanley Aryanto
Star trails, Aurora and Methane bubbles
Jürg Stauffer
Todra gorge
kousuke kitajima
UFO Clouds
Craig Bill
Wave Time
Elisabeth Jegel
Winter Day